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Five (5) Gallon Pails are available for most products.
A minimum of 24 pails must be purchased per order. (Exceptions are in our Showroom, which include Showtime Floor Finish, Platinum Floor Finish, Strip-It-Bare Floor Stripper, Revive Floor Cleaner, Total Grout Care, Thunderbolt and Dyna-Might Degreasers.  These products can be purchased individually in 5 Gallon Pails.)  Call for more details.

We have many more cleaning products and tools available.
If you need a price catalog, call our office and we will email one to you.
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GO GREEN!  Finally, an effective Grout Cleaner called:
that will not harm the environment. This product is 100% natural and is proven to work better than harsh chemicals. See the flyer below for more info.
Having the Right Tools are half the Job!  Make sure you have what you need to conquer cleaning jobs - See our Grime Fighter Essential Tools below...


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#805  SLINGSHOT Heavy Duty Butyl Degreaser Cleaner -

Multi-purpose, pleasant scent, purple liquid, works on a

wide range of soils and surfaces; cleans and degreases in One Easy Application. 

Qualifies for QUICK SHIP (delivered within 1-3 

Business Days)

55 Gallon Drum   Price:   $550.00

#800  JASON'S BLITZ Butyl Degreaser -

Extra Heavy Duty, Low Suds for Tough Commercial Cleaning Applications


55 Gallon Drum  Price:  $550.00


#683  BIO-REM 2000 Microbial Degreaser -

Concentrated Non-Toxic, All-Natural, Attacks Grease and Oil by Dissolving Oil to Water and Carbon Dioxide; Biodegradable, can go down your drain after cleaning, eliminating disposal costs 


55 Gallon Drum Price:   $799.00


#795  DYNA-MIGHT Industrial Multi-Purpose Non-Butyl Degreaser; will not harm paint or  metallic surfaces, Red, Cherry Scented

Excellent All-Purpose Cleaner Degreaser


Qualifies for QUICK SHIP (delivered within 1-3 Business Days)

55 Gallon Drum Price:  $575.00

 5 Gallon Pail Price:  $90.00
#804  NEW BODY TRUCK/VEHICLE WASH  Free Rinsing Alkaline Vehicle Washing Cleaner that cuts through grease and grime to Clean and Brighten in One Step; Non-Butyl, Non-Acid, Brushless Application

Qualifies for QUICK SHIP (delivered within 1-3 
Business Days)

55 Gallon Drum Price:  $550.00
#798  J.J.'S PERFORMANCE KITCHEN DEGREASER - A Non-Butyl All-Purpose Kitchen Cleaner and Degreaser; Super Concentrated, No Scent or Color, Free Rinsing

Qualifies for QUICK SHIP (delivered within 1-3 
Business Days)

55 Gallon Drum Price:  $530.00


Our Recommendations for DAILY Office Cleaning: ROCK-9: These nine products will get everything cleaned day after day in your Facility!  Open the Link Below: